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My projects

     Project word count
     since 08/2008:

     500,000+ words

     Selected projects

  • Space combat simulator (PC/6,000)
  • Arcade shooter (PS3/4,000)
  • RPG (Xbox, PS3/13,000)
  • Turn-based strategy game (PSP/35,000)
  • MMORPG (PC/50,000)
  • Jump 'n' Run(Wii/11,000)
  • MMORPG (PC/75,000)
  • Puzzle game (DS/3,000)
  • First-person shooter (PC/12,500)
  • MMORPG (PC/58,500)
  • Adverts (2,300)
  • First-person shooter (3,000)
  • Newsletters/e-mails (1,500)
  • Press releases (1,000)
  • Game manual (DS/1,300)
  • Music game (Wii/4,000)



As every project is unique and has its very own requirements, I cannot quote a binding price for the services I offer. The price of a translation project mainly depends on the word count of the source text. Please contact me for an individual quote for your project.