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My projects

     Project word count
     since 08/2008:

     500,000+ words

     Selected projects

  • Space combat simulator (PC/6,000)
  • Arcade shooter (PS3/4,000)
  • RPG (Xbox, PS3/13,000)
  • Turn-based strategy game (PSP/35,000)
  • MMORPG (PC/50,000)
  • Jump 'n' Run(Wii/11,000)
  • MMORPG (PC/75,000)
  • Puzzle game (DS/3,000)
  • First-person shooter (PC/12,500)
  • MMORPG (PC/58,500)
  • Adverts (2,300)
  • First-person shooter (3,000)
  • Newsletters/e-mails (1,500)
  • Press releases (1,000)
  • Game manual (DS/1,300)
  • Music game (Wii/4,000)



In order to provide first-class game translations, a translator must not only have an excellent command of the source and target languages but also extensive expertise in the field of video and computer games.

It is extremely hard, maybe impossible, to acquire this expertise "on-the-fly" during a translation project, either you know intuitively how games/game mechanics work or what linguistic conventions there are when translating a game or you don't. My unique selling point is my vast experience with video and computer games which I gathered in over 25 years of gaming. I am able to grasp the meaning of text strings from video and computer games even when they appear in very limited context (which is quite common). Examples for such out-of-context strings are numerous, e.g. in-game menus, on-screen messages, lists of skills, spells, weapons, armour and so on. This asset guarantees that your localised game will contain accurate and authentic game language. Moreover, I have termbases containing the preferred terminology for all major game platforms at my disposal.

About We Translate IT

The people behind We Translate IT are myself, Kay Barbara, and a team of experienced translators, who I collaborated with on recent video and computer game projects. During these projects I was assured that every team member has the experience and expertise which enables them to translate to an excellent standard. The abilty to act as a team allows us to draw on our pooled experience and knowledge as well as deliver even large project within a short timeframe.

About me

Since 2004 I have been working as a translator in the fields of video & computer games and IT. Since 2008 I have been exclusively working on video and computer games, totalling more than 500,000 words. So far, I have translated online role-playing games (MMORPG), first-person shooters, Jump 'n' Runs, puzzles, manuals as well as official game websites and publisher newsletters.

You can find further information about me in my Proz.com profile or in my CV which I will gladly provide upon request.


From 2008 to 2010 I  have been teaching the module "Advanced Translation" at the Department of German, University of Leeds.


I gathered first translation experience during my 5-year Diplom-course (Applied Translation Studies, 2002-2008) at the IALT (Institute for Applied Linguistics and Translatology), Universität Leipzig. During this course I attended (translation) modules for English, computer science and Spanish. I spent one year of this course studying at the University of Leeds, UK.

Prior to my university course, I completed a professional training as IT Systems Engineer at Siemens AG, Germany and subsequently worked at Siemens AG as Junior IT Consultant.